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Collaborate from anywhere with effortless video conversations - talk to up to 4 people (12 people in PRO) Create your own video room with custom link: To invite people, share the link in chat, on email, in calendar invites or by SMS. No registration required, once people click the link, they'll appear with you! Follow presentations on your iPhone/iPad with fullscreen mode. Join in audio-only mode to save data by not sending or receiving video. Any device - can be used on any computer with the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, or on most new smartphones and tablets. -- We'd love to hear your feedback or help if you're having trouble! Get in touch at [email protected] or on Twitter: @appear_in. Note: charges for data traffic may apply when using mobile networks, so keep an eye on your data plan!



  • Amazing

    By dank god 123
    This app is flat out amazing. It’s very convenient and simple
  • email login won’t work for me but usually amazing

    By kenzie$$$&&&&& 🐽
    i love this app because i can use my computer ( not apple ) to talk to my boyfriend long distance. it doesn’t lag or mess up the quality of the picture like face time does. but recently it won’t let me log back in to it . like it won’t send the code to my email but that can be fixed. other wise it’s a great app
  • Gooooody

    By jdjxndjjx
  • Not up to what it claims can do

    By disapponited uset
    It says allow 4 people to be in a call but the forth one cannot enter room as it says room is full. No good at all
  • Still too much for the iPhone to handle

    By CS4288
    I have the iPhone 7. It is extremely the point where it takes 5-10 seconds for the app to respond. When it does finally respond, half the time it doesn’t do what you asked it to do. I have sent incomplete messages in the chat log, switched to other apps when trying to select one of the options on the bottom of the screen, the list goes on. I even rebooted my phone and closed all other apps. The problem persisted.
  • Best user experience ever

    By A Peluso
    So so so easy and smooth to use. Love this app on my iPhone and my laptop. Sometimes it has an issue with Bluetooth audio - when connect to my wireless headphones I can’t hear anything and they can’t hear me. But usually it’s fine.
  • Friending and search bar?

    By WateryMrTurtle
    I love it so much but could you add a friending and search bar so people can search the room and also friend people in that group? Thx
  • It doesn’t work with bluetooth...

    By ejmartins
    ...pls fix it!
  • fix

    By snnajz
    fix the update! new update freezes on iphone.
  • Great replacement for Room

    By DonaldM
    I was using Room until they closed down and this is a good replacement, if not better. The only thing I don’t like is that it prompts for “how did you like the video” after every disconnect. There is a Skip button but it’s still a little annoying. Other than that it’s great!