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Collaborate from anywhere with effortless video conversations - talk to up to 4 people (12 people in PRO) Create your own video room with custom link: To invite people, share the link in chat, on email, in calendar invites or by SMS. No registration required, once people click the link, they'll appear with you! Follow presentations on your iPhone/iPad with fullscreen mode. Join in audio-only mode to save data by not sending or receiving video. Any device - can be used on any computer with the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, or on most new smartphones and tablets. -- We'd love to hear your feedback or help if you're having trouble! Get in touch at [email protected] or on Twitter: @appear_in. Note: charges for data traffic may apply when using mobile networks, so keep an eye on your data plan!



  • Friending and search bar?

    By WateryMrTurtle
    I love it so much but could you add a friending and search bar so people can search the room and also friend people in that group? Thx
  • It doesn’t work with bluetooth...

    By ejmartins
    ...pls fix it!
  • fix

    By snnajz
    fix the update! new update freezes on iphone.
  • Great replacement for Room

    By DonaldM
    I was using Room until they closed down and this is a good replacement, if not better. The only thing I don’t like is that it prompts for “how did you like the video” after every disconnect. There is a Skip button but it’s still a little annoying. Other than that it’s great!
  • It just works.

    By kaznovac
    Simple, no-surplus features video chat application that just works.
  • Free and Easy

    By alchemism is the videoconference tool of choice for our startup, after years of suffering in Google Hangouts. It Just Works for small informal chats with remote teams. We don’t even bother to use the equivalent tool embedded in our Slack, this is just that much easier to use.
  • Simple and light weight

    By miniCruzer911
    Works well for my needs. I like having the push notifications when someone enters a room. It would be nice for the system volume to actually effect the call volume. Calls always play at max volume, regardless of the volume rocker. Might be an iOS issue because I also notice this with one other video calling app. PLEASE MOVE THE BLOCK BUTTON. Twice I’ve accidentally blocked another caller by accidentally double tapping them, as Block appears in the top of the context menu when you tap another caller.
  • Better than a flying car

    By Smuglove
    Lots of stuff from the future ends up disappointing us but with, the future is looking great! This is what everyone has been waiting for. Even my mom, who doesn't have to create an account to video chat. Just click it, mom! See? How great is that!! Seriously, thank you for improving my life in this one small way.
  • Lit

    By Max Itokazu
  • Best meeting app

    By J10107
    I have used a number of apps over the years. By far Appear In is the best. My teams have been using Hangouts for a bit now on transactional communication but have found we are moving more and more to Appear In even for transactional items. I'm a huge fan!