MORA Video Conference Mobile

MORA Video Conference Mobile

By Terlilogy Serviceware Corporation


MORA Video Conference for iPhone/iPad The Web conferencing System "MORA Video Conference" makes it possible to participate in the web conference at any place, at any time not only between smart phones such as iPhone or iPad, but also between PC. "MORA Video Conference" can perform the smooth conference by video and audio. The participant in the smart phone can also become the chairman of the conference. The following functions are available in this application. - Transmission and reception of video - Transmission and reception of audio - Document Sharing Can share a document such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF with all participants. Can draw on shared document. *Only the Chairmanship holder can operate the document sharing. *The Chairmanship can be transferred to the another participant while conferencing. - Message Messages can be exchanged with specific users participating in the conference. - Text Box Messages can be exchanged with all users participating in the conference. - Application Sharing Application Sharing allows the sharing of applications or desktop screens with members in the same room. - Questionnaire Questionnaire allows the chairmanship holder to send a questionnaire to every participant and count the result of the votes from the participants. - Multi-User Mode A participant can request a voice to speak. Up to 4 participants can speak. The Chairmanship cannot be transferred to the other participant in Multi-User mode. - Large Mode Conference Up to 150 users can participate in the Large Mode Conference. You cannot speak at the time you enter the room. To speak, you need to become a Speaker with the "Start Button". Please note: "MORA Video Conference" account is required to use this application. This application will be available on MORA Video Conference V10 or later. Usage of WiFi is recommended when using this application. Depending on the status of network, it may cause drop of video frames or intermittent of audio. Applying the flat-rate plan is recommended when using 3G or LTE transmission. Also, the carrier may impose the bandwidth restriction when exceeding the traffic limit. All rights are reserved by Terilogy Serviceware Corporation. *By downloading this app, you agree to conditions of contract of the Web Conference system "MORA Video Conference". Conditions of Contract of the Web Conference system "MORA Video Conference"