By Electromedical Products International, Inc.


The Alpha-Stim app is now offering the following features: 1. Electronic Manual - A manual providing instructions on how the Alpha-Stim devices can be used to relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Available guide on how pain should be treated with Alpha-Stim Smart Probe. 2. Progress Log – This section allow users to record and keep track of the progress from each Alpha-Stim treatment over time. A list of previous recordings will be displayed. 3. Graph – This section will display your progress on a graph so that it is easy for you to see your improvement. 4. Analysis - Compare your progress with other Alpha-Stim users.



  • Won’t work

    By Sonshack
    I cannot get this app to operate. I am finding the device useful, but am unable to log anything. I have put my information in several times only for it to disappear. I’m sure it will be fine once the kinks are fixed.