By Voodoo

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-04
  • Current Version: 3.5.65
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 222.66 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 35,950 Ratings


Discover Voodoo's new game: Your goal? To conquer as much territory as possible. It's initially very simple, and the game can be mastered immediately, but watch out: there's competition, and not everyone can win! Whether you're bold or more careful, you have to be more cunning than your adversaries by finding the best strategy to conquer the most space. But be careful! You have a weak spot: your tail. If an enemy touches it, that's the end for you. Try to stay ahead, because victory in is never certain until you possess all the territory. Stealing is allowed, and your enemies won't hesitate to do so. After the success of Quiz Run, 1 Pic 8 Words, and Bool, Voodoo now offers you a new gaming and graphics experience inspired by io type games (made popular by Enjoy the simplicity and strategy of an io game in a world with unique graphics. is for the whole family and doesn't require an Internet connection.



  • Awesome game but some problems

    By username2187ha
    It is an awesome game and I would recommend it but there are too many ads.
  • ??????

    By Squeekydiamond
    Why are there so many ads and sometimes my screen just goes black and it glitches
  • I’m addicted to this game! But...

    By Cute cone of ice cream
    This game is honestly addictive. If you’re looking for a game to help you procrastinate, this is the one. It’s very competitive and simple. Although the game is so much fun, it has many flaws. 1) Although I don’t mind ads (even if they’re very continuous and annoying) I have gotten used to them. Even though I don’t like them, they have taken over the game (literally). During some of the games, I get a ad in the middle of my screen and die. It gets very agitating when that happens and PLEASE FIX THIS. 2. The game was by far better a while ago. They have added challenges and have made it harder to get different ‘characters’. The challenges are OK. But you used to be able to buy characters with “coins” but now you have to complete difficult challenges. I have played 500 games and after I finished 500 games I was supposed to receive a new character. But I didn’t. That has happened multiple times. PLEASE FIX THIS! Please bring back the “coins” so those who play a lot and are good can buy the characters without having to complete ridiculous challenges. That’s all the complaints I have. There’s more pros then there is cons, but those cons are, in my opinion, major and ABSOLUTELY NEED to be fixed!!!

    By SIMFL
    I am always dealing with lag in this game, I get to the the top of the leader board then- dead, and I hate the boundaries! We should be able to roam everywhere, once lag ruins your run, you cannot play anymore, it's either death by player or death by wall. Voodoo, if you can read this, please stop with the gosh darn ads, lag and constant confusion with half of this game.
  • Inappropriate ads

    By Homework monster
    Great game but some ads are inappropriate for kids
  • Trash.

    By someonewhotriedtoloveit
    The game is a good concept. Everything about the execution is trash. When and where the game spawns people? Trash. The game servers responsible for a smooth gaming experience? Trash. Which is sad because like I mentioned earlier, I actually happen to like the idea behind the game. But the rest is trash.
  • Fun and addicting... but ads are disruptive

    By princessarcasm
    The ads being placed RIGHT on the screen is annoying. You click on accident, it opens the App Store and the game is still running and you LOSE. Isn't it enough that we have to watch ads for extra lives? Give us an option to buy the game and remove ads for Christ's sake.
  • Unplayable

    By Xorthrox
    1) they need to add a multiplayer version, this game is fun but no challenge single player 2) on the ipad there are ads in between each game when you respawn, on the phone it just covers the screen THE ENTIRE TIME even while you’re in game so you literally can’t play
  • In app

    By TTT4444
    I paid for add removal and still have adds.
  • Glitchy

    By Ten bits Ellen
    Even though the game is addictive😏 it is also very glitchy to the point where I just quit the app and don’t go back on until the next day😒 Some examples of its glitchy-ness are... when I start to play it won’t let me move my avatar or I’ll obviously kill another player and that player won’t die.☹️ A second example is when I do challenges it will take forever to load and when it finally loads it won’t give me a chance to move my avatar instead it go right into a wall fairly faster then normal. 😤The third thing is when I choose and avatar I’ll start to play and it will be a different avatar.😠 Also this isn’t just my phone that’s doing this,I’ve asked many friends if their’s have done this and they said the same thing happened to them.😡